SAERCO is certified by the Spanish National Supervisory Authority (AESA) as a provider of AFIS training pursuant to Royal Decree 1133/2010, which regulates the provision of aerodrome flight information services (AFIS).

The theoretical part of the course is 4 weeks long, followed by a practical part comprising a total of 30 simulator sessions.

Students who successfully complete the training programme will obtain an AFIS basic training certificate. Once they have obtained this certificate, AFIS operators will be eligible to start the special training required to render the aerodrome flight information services described in the Air Traffic Regulation approved by Royal Decree 57/2002 of 18 January.

ATCO-AFIS adaptation course for air traffic controllers or student controllers.

They are exempt from completing the full AFIS basic training course. In this case, the requirements for the validation course are as follows:

  1. Proof of theoretical knowledge of the subjects in the AFIS initial basic training.
  2. After this, they attend a theory class while transitioning to the 12-hour simulation phase.
  3. There is a practical portion that consists of completing between 5 and 10 intermediate and advanced level simulation exercises.

Candidates must:

  • Be 18 years of age by the end of the course.
  • Have "bachillerato" (A Levels) or equivalent qualification and be eligible for admission to university level courses in order to register for the course.
  • Be able to obtain category 3 European medical certificates for air traffic controllers.
  • Demonstrate a sufficient level of linguistic competence in English and Spanish.
  • Demonstrate that they are fully capacitated to perform the functions related to AFIS operations.