Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

The Air Traffic Control service is the service provided to air traffic in the manoeuvring area of an airport and to all the aircraft flying in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

The air traffic control service aims to:

  • Prevent collisions between aircraft.
  • Prevent collisions between aircraft in the manoeuvring area and between aircraft and obstacles in those areas.
  • Expedite air traffic and maintain order.
  • Radar assistance to aircraft on final approach;
  • Radar assistance to other aircraft near the airport;
  • Establishment of radar separation between successive aircraft departures;
  • Assistance with VFR navigation.

Another task inherent to the air traffic control service is providing flight information to aircraft, particularly in situations, which may affect the normal course of operations.

Some of the information included in the preceding paragraph has to do with changes in the service conditions, notified or forecast weather conditions at departure and arrival airports, changes in the status of aerodromes and facilities and ancillary services.