Apron Management

Unidad y Continua

SAERCO, the only independent provider of the Apron Management Services, has the approval of the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) as an AMS initial training provider, in accordance with Royal Decree 1238/2011, which regulates the service.

The students of this course will receive theoretical and practical training adapted to the real environment of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, with trainers and instructors who are currently serving at the airport.

The theoretical training lasts approximately four weeks. The contents of this phase are included in RD 1238/2011, and are as follows:

  • General aspects
  • Taxing procedures for aircraft arrivals
  • Taxing procedures for aircraft departing
  • Communication and phraseology
  • Emergencies and incidents
  • Equipment
  • Operational Safety
  • Stand allocation
  • Ground Assistance
  • Various
  • Aviation law
  • Aerodromes

The students will then receive practical training, lasting approximately one month, in a synthetic environment practically identical to Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. The five knowledge skills acquired with this training are:

  • Knowledge of the operational environment of the unit
  • Strip management
  • Communications
  • Aeronautical and meteorological information management
  • Operator working position management

The following are the minimum requirements to be met by all candidates for initial AMS training:

Candidates for the initial training courses of the management service in the platform should:

  • Be eighteen years old at the end of the initial training course.
  • Be in possession of a valid European Class 3 medical certificate.
  • Preferably have demonstrated an adequate level of linguistic competence in English and Spanish in accordance with the requirements established in the applicable standard.
  • Preferably pass the Eurocontrol FEAST test.
  • Complete SAERCO's own selection process: psychotechnics and interviews.

In the case of students having previous training such as Air Traffic Controller Officer (ATCO) or Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer (AFISO), certain subjects or parts of them may be validated.