As part of the air navigation system, SAERCO is a certified provider of communication, navigation and surveillance services (CNS) pursuant to EU Regulation 1035/2011.

As such, SAERCO has a team of professionals composed of highly qualified ATSEP technicians and engineers whose main focus is the maintenance and operation of the communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) installations that provide invaluable support for the air traffic management (ATM) service.

The primary objective of these professionals is to provide the CNS services safely, effectively and efficiently with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients as they face new challenges and rendering a service whose key indicators of accuracy, integrity, continuity and availability exceed the expectations of our clients.

SAERCO offers customers a scheduled operations and maintenance programme suited to their particular needs, offering a wide variety of on-demand and turnkey solutions, not only for the operation and maintenance of CNS facilities, but also for designing, planning, verifying and validating facilities, in-flight calibrations of radio-assisted navigation and logistical support services.

  • A general management system that includes standardised procedures and computer tools that allows activities to be traced.
  • The enthusiasm and dedication of the company's professionals.
  • Dynamism and the ability to adapt to different projects.

SAERCO places a great deal of emphasis on the training and instruction received by its professionals, experts in traditional air navigation systems but also in the most recent state-of-the-art concepts (Remote Services) and future technologies (NextGen, SESAR, etc.).

SAERCO also has trained instructors for ATSEP technician training (basic and qualification). We have the knowledge and the ability to respond to clients' training needs by providing the contents, facilities and teaching materials needed to prepare the professionals of the future.