Safety, quality and efficiency are the three fundamental principles of reference in the provision of air navigation services. Each one of them is constantly evolving, due in part to the constant advances of technological development. However, the integration of innovative technological solutions in an ATM environment is complex, since it requires verifying the compliance with numerous safety, continuity, interoperability, service levels and other requirements. There must be evidence of all of the above and it must be traceable in order to be accepted by the authorities.

SAERCO was conceived from the beginning within the context of the Single European Sky, according to the Regulations that establish the bases for achieving the initially established objectives, including “the introduction of existing technology into the air traffic management system”.

This is reflected in the various projects undertaken by SAERCO: Remote Services, RPAS, Total Control, among others. All in line with the most advanced technological tendencies, without losing sight of immediate or short term application by our customers.