OJTI & Assessor

OJTI & Assessor

On-the-Job Training Instructor (OJTI)

The figure of the OJT Instructor is critical to any ATS provider since the responsibility for training controllers on the job is essential to guarantee the quality and safety of the services rendered.

Air traffic controllers who meet the requirements of Article 14 of (EU) Commission's Regulation 805/2011 of 10 August 2011 are eligible to act as on-the-job trainers in order to obtain instructor rating.

The basic objective is to equip future OTJ instructors with the skills they need to help controllers and student controllers in the final part of the training process that will lead to rating for the desired unit.

During the course, the OTJ instructor practises different techniques and strategies that are critical to effective interaction with students, adapting to the different profiles and levels of the students. Examples include activities and exercises that use methods such as demonstration, talk through and monitoring, among others. These techniques are practised in a simulator and later discussed by instructors, students and participants.

The course is composed of:

  • Distance portion: 10 days
  • In person theoretical portion: 1 week
  • Practical portion in simulator Group training (6 hours) + 6 simulator


Air traffic controllers who meet the requirements of Chapter V of Order FOM/1841/ are eligible to receive training as assessors in their various specialities for certification by the National Aviation Safety Agency.

The assessor in an ATM environment is an important figure in the training process. The assessor's responsibilities range from evaluating and assessing the different types of training and keeping records on the deficiencies identified during the training.

The basic objectives of the course include:

  • Familiarity with the legal framework.
  • Possessing the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Mastering techniques for asking questions.

The course is composed of:

  • Theoretical portion: 2 days.
  • Practical portion in simulator or control tower cab: 1 day.