At the highest level, the company structure includes a President, a General Manager and seven departments:

Departments that service the entire organisation

  • Operational Safety Department: ensures that all operations meet the safety requirements.
  • Physical Safety Department: oversees the protection of the facilities (Units and Central Services) and the information managed.
  • Quality Department: responsible for implementing and maintaining the Quality Assurance System in Central Services, ensuring that the services meet the established quality requirements.
  • Resources Department responsible for human resources management and financial administration.

Service Departments:

  • Services and Development Department: supervises and coordinates the contracted services, ensuring the availability of all resources needed to render the service. Simultaneously with this, it develops new services and projects for the Company.
  • ATM Operations Management: supervises all ATS Units serviced by SAERCO from an operational point of view, as well as the relevant unit training plans.
  • Systems Management: oversees the communication, navigation and surveillance services as well as the Units' IT systems and networks.

SAERCO has a general management system based on a precise and defined methodology that guarantees the highest level of reliability in the provision of the air navigation services.

The whole system is designed to facilitate effective service delivery and to encourage the company's processes to be geared toward ensuring the customer's satisfaction. It is based on the highest standards of operational safety and quality in which verification, validation and continuous improvement are not only the cornerstones of evolution and development but also what make exhaustive process control possible.

SAERCO has made a firm commitment to quality by implementing a quality assurance system throughout the organization. As established in the company’s Quality Policy, SAERCO assumes the obligations of complying with the applicable regulations, meeting the customers’ needs, taking actions to achieve objectives and implementing mechanisms for continuous improvement.

By applying simple and functional methodologies, it has been possible for the company to obtain a series of service certifications within set time limits that have been decisive in the ability to operate in the air navigation sector. The effectiveness of the quality assurance system was certificate according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001 for the provision the following services:

  • Air traffic control services
  • Communication and navigation services.
  • Design and delivery of air navigation training.
    1. Initial and refresher air traffic control training.
    2. Training for the provision of Aerodrome Information Services.

In February 2017 SAERCO renews the Quality Management System certificate according to 2015 version of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard. As a strategy of the company, it was decided to implement new Quality management processes. Providing services that satisfy the client and comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Addressing the risks and opportunities associated with the context in which the organization operates in the design of processes and increasing compliance with requirements of the Quality Management System. This management system is guided by the following principles: customer focus, leadership, staff commitment, process focus, continuous improvement, evidence generation and relationship management.

Certificado EQA ISO 9001 Certificado EQA ISO 14001

At this time, the Environmental Management System is also certified by the UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 Standard. Environmental protection is also a key factor in the SAERCO management system. There is a firm commitment to protecting the environment, using digital resources as much as possible to reduce the use of paper in office activities.

In addition to maintaining the processes of the quality system in our organization, we have implemented a series of measures to improve our environmental performance: adoption of work guidelines aimed at reducing and rationalizing energy consumption, the introduction of the environmental perspective in the evaluation of SAERCO suppliers, the implementation of the Emergency Plan in the face of environmental risks or the development of awareness-raising measures on the generation and treatment of waste in the facilities (environmental priorities, collection selective, etc.).