At SAERCO we are committed to guaranteeing the quality and safety of the products and services required by users, customers and stakeholders in accordance with the applicable regulations, training our staff to eliminate or minimise the risks to their health and safety in the workplace and continuously improving our processes in the on-going pursuit of excellence and safety.

SAERCO’s policy is based on the following corporate strategies:

  • Air Safety: Continuously reinforcing the safety of our products and services through a commitment to risk management, occupational health and safety, quality, excellence, on-going improvement of processes and training.
  • User/Customer Satisfaction: Satisfying our customers, clients and stakeholders by meeting their requirements under the applicable regulations, taking a proactive and innovative stance and adding value by identifying and meeting their needs.
  • Financial Self-Sustainability: Ensuring financial self-sustainability and the Company's continuity through risk management, effectiveness, efficiency and dynamic management, which means being capable of evolving proactively in a changing and competitive environment.
  • Staff Satisfaction: Continuous development of employees' skills, responsibilities, leadership, motivation, commitment, occupational health and safety so they achieve their own professional goals and the company's objectives.

SAERCO’s Operational Safety Policy reflects our commitment to achieving, maintaining and promoting the safety of our navigation services by incorporating Operational Safety management into our processes by:

  • Ensuring that the primary safety objective in the provision of our air navigation services is to minimise the possibility of air traffic accidents, to the extent possible.
  • Ensuring that the highest priority is placed on achieving satisfactory safety levels in the air navigation services we render.
  • Ensuring that everyone involved in the safety aspects of the air navigation services we render (ATS/CNS/MET) be individually responsible for his/her own actions; that managers be responsible for the safety outcomes of their respective departments or divisions; and that the supplier's top management assumes the overall responsibility for safety.
  • Ensuring a formal, explicit and proactive approach to the systematic management of safety that allows us to meet the safety obligations inherent to the services we render and that is applied to all services and auxiliary measures under our control.
  • Ensuring compliance with all legally mandated operating methods and procedures.

Providing air navigation services to the highest quality standards based on the competence and integrity of our employees and their commitment to the continuous improvement of processes in order to keep our customers fully satisfied with the air navigation services rendered by SAERCO.

The quality management system ensures the implementation of SAERCO strategies in line with the general objectives of the organization:

  • Maintain high levels of safety
  • Improve the capacity of the services provided
  • Maintain high levels of quality
  • Incorporate new technologies and work methodologies in air navigation services.
  • Financial profitability and sustainable economy

SAERCO is committed to ensure adherence to company policies:

  • Identifying and ascertaining the needs of the clients and users of our services. Working together to guarantee a high level of satisfaction.
  • Ensuring compliance with the laws that apply to our services as well as the requirements of UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN- ISO14001.
  • Ensuring the availability of the human and material resources needed to fulfil the quality objectives, optimizing these resources through the establishment of operating methods.
  • Ensuring compliance with the performance objectives of Air Navigation Services (ATS, CNS, Training, MET) by controlling service indicators.
  • Promoting on-going safety and quality training. Ensuring that all staff are aware of and strive to achieve the Company's objectives.
  • Promoting the continuous improvement of SAERCO’s processes to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Ensure a rational use of natural resources, raising awareness among staff with regards to energy saving, waste reduction and recycling.
  • Establish energy efficiency measures.
  • Develop new work methods by applying the latest generation of technology.

The director general guarantees compliance with this policy throughout the organization

November 2017

Jorge Avila, General Manager

The provision of air navigation services is SAERCO’s primary purpose, planning and rendering these services safely and efficiently under the government's jurisdiction. In order to render these services, SAERCO needs a series of assets that must be protected. Physical Safety protects them from a wide range of threats so as to ensure the continuity of our operations, minimise damages and maximise the company's productivity. SAERCO’s physical safety system is based on the following cycle:

  • Everything starts with the knowledge and experience of the people who are responsible for safety and the users, who design the right level of security, in terms of both size and capabilities, for the Operating Units to be protected.
  • A method is chosen and designed to apply this knowledge, combat threats and take the necessary protective actions.
  • Useful information is recorded and used to improve system management. This step adds to the experience and knowledge base and commences a cycle of positive feedback.
  • A process of periodic centralised reviews checks the operation of the system, providing new information that increases knowledge, enhances the defined process and increases the recorded information.

All SAERCO staff and visitors or users of the Operating Unit to which the policy applies must adhere to it and must comply with and enforce the standards and procedures derived from it.