Safety Training

Safety Training

Safety training is the key element in ensuring that air navigation services are provided in a seamless, safe and orderly way. To ensure the achievement of these objectives, SAERCO designs and teaches a variety of courses: safety management, SMS, accident and incident investigation, TRM, human factors, managing fatigue and stress.

The characteristics of the courses mentioned above are as follows:

  • They are designed by qualified personnel with extensive professional experience
  • the methodology used to design each course is essentially practical to ensure the achievement of stated performance targets
  • they include numerous case studies and exercises to reinforce assimilation
  • they include the latest industry standards and recommendations

Safety training is one of the company's most basic internal needs and as such is offered continuously in the different SAERCO units.

However, some courses may be offered externally. They will either be announced in the Training section of this website (check it regularly) or scheduled at the request of a client.