Total Control


The management of a Unit, regardless of the navigation service in question, requires the performance of multiple tasks by personnel not always located in proximity to one another, along with the corresponding records and proof of completion and execution.

In addition, managing and tracking service units located at considerable distances from one another, all of which are dependent on central services, is complex and consumes a great deal of resources.

TOTAL CONTROL is a Web application accessible from any conventional PC that resolves this problem by integrating all of the required functionalities in a single solution. Those functionalities include:

  • Document management
  • Shift system
  • Internal communications
  • Record of the Unit's activities, events or incidents
  • ATS&CNS logistics management
  • Unit logbook
  • Operational safety mailbox
  • Automatic alarms
  • Statistical reports, summaries, KPIs

The basic version of TOTAL CONTROL includes this palette of functionalities, which can also be configured, expanded and adapted to the management system of the company in question.

Save time, optimise resources, know the reality of your services in real time.