Notifications and Investigations

Notifications and Investigations


As a company that has implemented a Safety management System, SAERCO fully supports a culture of reporting and notification as a means of securing and monitoring overall operational safety levels. To do this, SAERCO is actively involved in collecting, analysing and submitting safety data through notifications to the National System of Events and CEANITA (Committee for the Study and Analysis of Air Traffic Incidents), in the firm belief that in order to improve civil aviation safety it is necessary to report all events that have the potential to affect safety.

In this sense, regardless of the above, SAERCO manages its own databases with the events that are reported, analysing and classifying them repeatedly and objectively as a means of continuous improvement of the overall safety levels of the units it serves.


The ultimate goal of the investigation of an incident conducted by SAERCO is not to determine or assign blame or liability but rather to improve as an organisation with a Safety Management System in place. To do this, SAERCO creates multidisciplinary teams with extensive experience in different areas of civil aviation to draft investigation reports whenever there is a significant event with the potential to have an impact on safety. Based on a detailed analysis of the data obtained and the identification of causes, circumstances and factors, recommendations are made relative to the conclusions reached during each investigation process, always with the aim of preventing similar occurrences in the future and all framed within the fundamental principles of just culture. In this way SAERCO is able to ensure continuous improvement in keeping with its corporate commitment to protect air safety in every service it renders.