The cornerstone of any service provision company is, without a doubt, the employees who work for the company and this includes everything from the attitudes and aptitudes of the employees to the quality and rigour of their initial and on-going training.

In keeping with these values, SAERCO has created the TRAINING CENTRE (STC) in pursuit of the following fundamental objectives:

  • To provide a solution to anyone interested in starting or developing a career in air navigation and the aeronautical sector in general.
  • To satisfy the needs of clients and other service providers.
  • To satisfy the company's own internal needs.

STC provides initial and on-going training in the following disciplines:

  • Air traffic controllers (ATC).
  • Air flight information service (AFIS) operators.
  • Air traffic safety electronics personnel (ATSEP-CNS).
  • Apron Management Service (AMS) operators.
  • Airport systems maintenance technicians.

In compliance with the regulations, STC has all of the equipment and personnel operating in a suitable environment to offer such training. In particular:

  • Qualified and experienced personnel to provide instruction in compliance with the applicable standards.
  • The appropriate facilities and equipment for the type of training required.
  • An examination system with trained examiners and evaluators who meet the conditions set by Spain's National Supervisory Authority (AESA).